Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FOUND Kick in the Pants

I recently rediscovered this wonderful little tidbit on FOUND Magazine's webpage.

If you're unfamiliar with FOUND know that it is a magazine/webpage constructed for sharing found objects. Usually paper, often times notes, lists, photographs, kids drawings and once a breakup note tucked under someone's windshield wiper saying I knew you were lying to me - else why would you be here parked outside her apartment when the person driving the car wasn't dating anyone and certainly not the intended recipient of the note.

Akin to found art (the making of art objects out of garbage) FOUND magazine is the uninterpreted stories of found bits of communication that are rediscovered from litter.

I like this note (found at the Rockwell el station, Chicago) because I think it's a message that we've all needed to hear at some point or another. And how brilliantly honest for someone to actually write it down. It makes you wonder if any of your friends would be so bold - and what you would say if they were. But more important than that is what you would do.

... so don't be afraid or ashamed just go on and fucking get it.

Highly Recommended