Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh! Acceptance!

Someone bless the anal-retentive people, for they shall find out first.

So haunting the MFAblog for the first time in a couple of weeks involved a bit of catching up. Reading conversations from the past week, and hearing what information applicants had gleaned from harassing admissions offices was most insightful.

Namely the discussion surrounding the University of New Hampshire.

Word was that they would be making the last of their decisions last week and their TA and grant decisions this week. Several applicants had been following their "application status" online and one commented that it had changed on a certain date.

Hmm, I thought, I never checked that. I jumped through the hoops. Logging into first the blackboard site with one ID/password set then through that into the application software through another ID/password set to get to my application information. The page started off with a nondescript spreadsheet of my home address etc. So it was with great boredom that I scrolled to the bottom. All my forms were marked as "received." Good. Although I know they had to have gotten them earlier than the date entered because the date entered was about three weeks after I postmarked them. So I'm scrolling back up to the top when there, stuck in the middle of all this information are the words "Application Status:" -- oh good that's what I was looking for -- "Decision Made. Decision: Admitted to Program."


I made some sort of noise of disbelief, unhooked my laptop from all its moorings and raced downstairs. My father wanted to know what all the noise was. I just wanted him to read the damn spreadsheet and tell me if he read it as I did.

A few minutes later he told me "I thought that noise meant something good." No you didn't. I so could have been making it because there was a bug on my wall.

Okay, so it's March and most of the bugs worth screaming about have died in the deep freeze, but maybe the bug had gotten really close without me knowing.

My understanding is that admitted students will be notified individually in the near future (not just through the website), but this will not happen until TA and funding decisions have been made.

Now that I have a choice, funding is gonna make or break the deal.

And I will post my book review tomorrow. Promise!

Highly Recommended