Sunday, March 16, 2008

Need to get my head on straight

I'm finding it overwhelming to write.

The act of writing -- more precisely, the act of sitting down to start writing -- seems to make my head want to explode.

There are a million things I know I should be doing right now. And just as soon as I get one done (e.g. my taxes) it turns around and bites me (I can't file my state taxes online so now there's more work). The list is starting to take a noticeable bite out of me, and a devastating bite out of my word count.

I don't have any easily accomplishable goals at the moment and therefore it feels like I'm accomplishing nothing on days when I do write. And on days when I don't write I know I am accomplishing nothing. And then I sit here and feel like my skull is going to crack open ... which could be a headache coming on and have nothing to do with my mental anguish.

Tomorrow I will force my word count goal for my JanNo remains. The JanNo challenge word goal was reached, however the novel is in need of patching as well as general repair to make it hold water.

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