Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Decision Making

I've been comparing programs for the two schools that I've been accepted to. Among UNH's many draws is the fact that it's considered a "sleeper program." These under the radar programs are identified as a very good MFA that is doing great things but for whatever reason isn't getting the hordes of applicants progams like Michigan do.

I like the sound of "sleeper program" -- it sound stealth-like. Like I planned this. Like I am, in turn, stealthy.

UW-Milwaukee has a Ph.D. track. Yes, I'm interested in eventually going the Ph.D. path, but the program as a whole is not as impressive.

Then there are my friends from undergrad putting in their two-cents about place and location. Wtfisjohn (whom had previously spouted out his love for Milwaukee) gave me a hands down vote for New Hampshire. "You've lived in Chicago," he told me, "Milwaukee is just Chicago's German neighborhood. Go someplace new."

Then there was my girl friend's note:

Congrats [Speak Coffee]!!!!

Now. let's think about this rationally. Which place would be better for me to visit? Milwaukee is a fun place from what I hear, but NH sounds so much classier. I'm def thinking a visit to New England fall in NH sounds much better than let's drink some Miller Light, eh? Regardless, I know I'll be visiting a happier [Speak Coffee] than I would have just a few miles down the road at [law school].

So yep. congrats on taking the big plunge, working hard on those apps, and for having a choice about where to go!

Taggie7 asked a good question: would I still consider going if I wasn't funded? BTW Ms. Taggie7 has also been admitted to UNH fiction program. No, I don't know her, I found her on the MFAblog - isn't the internet lovely? I've also found someone by the name of Robert on that blog who was also admitted into the same program but he does not appear to blog, (I guess we can't all be perfect). Thanks to them I now know that it would appear that no one else got word of funding in their letters either. And the new magic word on the streets is that funding decisions have yet to finish their path through the lovely beauracracy that is college administration.

In answer to her question, funding will be a very important part of my decision. I desperately want this MFA. Then again I desperately want a TA position, for the fact that it is teaching experience as much as it is a paying job.

If I don't get funding from any school my next few moves will require some serious meditation. Not contemplation, but meditation. Zen-like moments to center and structure my life. Not because I'm into new age living techniques, but because I would need something to help me cope with life in debt, and meditation is cheaper than alcohol ... even Miller Light.

Highly Recommended