Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rejection Letters Go Out

There they are. Both arrived in today's mail.

Knowing as I did that Wisconsin supposedly mailed their rejection letters Feb. 22, I viewed each day that I did not get a letter from them as a blessing. A foolish little parcel of hope. Then -BAM!- I get two letters today along with fresh snow.

I'm not upset. I figured both schools were long shots anyway. Odds for Wisconsin were 3/200 (admitting six total) and Michigan states that this year they could accept less than 5% of applicants. All my gathered information conflicts but it would appear that there are somewhere between eight and fourteen prose seats offered at Michigan.

This post is to let anyone else in the same boat know that if you haven't gotten an acceptance email yet and you don't get a snail mail letter in the next couple of days you're probably on the wait list. I wish you luck while you're there.

I told my father and he was down right pissy. I then had to explain that having already received one acceptance that I was in pretty good shape. That many applicants appear to get admitted to one out of every four schools they apply to. (And these are the happy stories.) Now at 1/3 I feel okay. If I end up with another acceptance, and therefore allowed a choice, I will be thrilled. And if nothing else, at least I'm not the person panicking as I wait for late admitting schools to do their thing because all my early schools sent rejections.

Best wishes to all applicants! Unless you're applying to my programs, in which case you're on your own.

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