Monday, February 25, 2008

Opera anyone?

So I've got a friend from undergrad working to turn one of my short stories into a short opera!

He is working on projects for faculty at our Alma Mater and they suggested he look to writers who are also alumni. So then there's me and the crazy notion that I wrote something that someone wants to base a 30 minute opera on!

I find the entire thing far too amusing.

He tells me things like I'll finish the libretto and get it to you to review in a couple of days, and I'm like hmm, libretto... that's which part now? All these words are familiar to me but I'm never quite sure of their precise meanings. I have to be killing him with all my technical questions. I'm so not musical.

This is one of the short works I'm hoping to publish in a literary journal (the story not the opera). So far this month I'm well on my way to one submission per week! With this week's send out I'll have entered two contests and two regular submission cycles. And after that I have to go back to writing new material.

Highly Recommended