Thursday, January 17, 2008


Grocery store. 5:20pm weekday. Thursday to be precise. Express check out lane. Three middle aged men.

First already paying, groceries bagged.

Second juggling several boxed and plastic containers along with three cardboard carriers of 4 bottle variety pack of cheap cheap cheap wine. No basket. No cart.

Third. Has placed groceries on floor as he crouches and digs for wallet. Six pack high end dark beer. Large packet of shrink wrapped gormet lunch meat. Ham, smoked. No basket. No cart.

All three stare at me as I pass. Yes, I am the only woman here not juggling a child or a walker. No basket. No cart. I came for gummybears.


Jud said...

Well, men are creatures of the eye, and we are drawn to attractive women, even if we know there is no way in hell that they would want anything to do with us, or even, if we would want to be with them. We are men, we look, we gawk. Enjoy your gummies.

Speak Coffee said...

LoL, Not saying anything bad, I was mostly just amused at their refusal to shop with baskets. Although when one person turns to look you might not notice it, but when they all do at once ... you start feeling like that dead frog in the cartoons who is supposed to come back to life and sing whenever the spot light is on him. Everyone stares and I feel like I need a top hat and cane to start singing Hello my baby, hello my darlin' hello my ragtime gal :)

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