Monday, July 09, 2007

Obscene Road Signs

While out running recently I discovered the following road sign. And while it did not stop me in my tracks it did keep my eyes off the sidewalk for some time.

Perhaps it's that I have a vulgar lexicon, but if someone mentioned a "speed hump" to me in conversation I'd be forced to assume they were talking about a quickly performed sexual favor. And at 25 mph it would be a very quick sexual favor.
Apparently in other lexicons a "speed hump" is a raised intersection that certainly presents no threat to my SUV, actually it's only mildly noted when cradled by my behemoth's awesome suspension. But someone felt the need to take two mild intersections and replace the YIELD signs -- yes, that's how busy it was, and still is, it didn't even warrant a full stop -- with an asphalt hump.
Talking with a resident of the neighborhood has enlightened me to the existence of the "Neighborhood Nazi". You know whom I'm talking about, the woman on the block that comes up and reminds your teenager drivers that they can't park in front of their houses unless their cars are pointed the same direction as traffic. She's constantly patrolling the streets and sidewalks and actually attends city council meetings where she brings up all the issues, cracks, potholes and potentially deadly traffic situations that haunt her street. Such as the YIELD sign's inadequacy. She fought city council for this. She collected signatures for this. And since I have not seen another one anywhere else in the city I'm forced to assume that city council made up this distinctive signage just for her.
In effect the "speed hump" is so inconsequential that I don't slow down except to snicker at the sign most times I pass. This state has potholes, many, many potholes that put the "speed hump" to shame.

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