Monday, June 04, 2007

If you started a treehouse club and could only invite three members, who would you pick?

First off, Socrates. Socrates would have the best discussions hands down. He could fight, he could argue (politely even) he could state when he was wrong and knew nothing about the situation. Plainly he would be the best discussion partner ever. From there I would have to edit out most people’s first two choices (being Jesus and Abraham Lincoln) both possess too much baggage, personal and historical to be good talking partners. I already forget my second amazing and awesome talking partner. Shakespeare? No I don’t think I meant him although he would be cool in retrospect. But I remember debating for my third. Virginia Woolf? No, way too much of a downer. Marilyn Monroe? Yeah maybe her. If she turns out to be a total flop, total airhead blond then me and Socrates get to make fun of her with over her head jokes and me and Socrates will have a grand ole time. However, if we really get down into her life, into what she wanted, maybe she really was deep, maybe there really was a part of her that could have been the great actress. According to Arthur Miller she desperately wanted to be taken seriously as an actress, so maybe there was a deep part of her. If nothing else she and Socrates could compare views on suicide and the whys of life and death. That would be a conversation I would not miss for the world. And maybe while they were doing that Shakespeare and I could exchange dirty jokes and side little quips about the situation.

Highly Recommended