Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Okay, time to resurrect this puppy.

So "Speak Coffee" has been down for some time even though I've been writing during that time. What was I doing that was so damn important? I have no idea. But to be honest, one coffee shop gig and one crazy workshop later I'm probably a little more conservative in my language and a little more desperate to talk to people. Both being the results of moving off of a college campus. Out here in the "real world" your neighbors are not going to strike up a conversation about life on your couch daily and are not going to drop the f-bomb while doing so. Bummer.

I am engaged in going "full tilt" as a writer. So far I've been successful at gathering rejection notes from literary magazines. Like I said, just a beginning. Although I do see the work at hand as gathering more of these rejection letters.

While I only have just over a half dozen of these thing it's enough to begin realizing trends. Most start out with "thank you" although the "many thanks" letter was terribly chessy but a nice break in the menotony. The letter starting off "unfortunately" let me know that there was no point in finishing the form letter and I appreciate the straightforwardness. Although my ego wouldn't have minded a little pampering prior to delivering the blow. So far all but one was signed simply "the Editors" and okay, whatever, it's a form letter. I understand. But one, one golden letter, actually had someone write in my first name after the preprinted "dear" and then sighed his initials at the end of the note. Ohmigod! I nearly fainted. It was like Elvis having thrown me his towel.

None of them are ever more than half a sheet of paper. I prefer the quarter sheet because it looks sharper with the tiny "thank you but no way in hell" message written on it. Also it saves more trees. Although having different sized rejection letters does allow me to create a more visually appealing display of them on my bulletin board. Some may think this display is morbid, that I'm doing it because I don't believe I can succeed. Which is, of course, bullshit. I do it so that I can keep track of what is out and what has already come back. It is also visual proof that I am not only saying I'm a writer but I'm going out there and doing something about it. But the best part of my display? The Ray Bradbury quote I've printed out on a strip of green paper and tacked over all these slight rejection slips: Advice to Writers "You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance."

Highly Recommended